Morrowind:Helm of Tohan

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Helm of Tohan
Official Add-On:
Helm of Tohan
Quest Helm of Tohan
Location Onnissiralis
Items Helm of Tohan
Released June 14, 2002
Size 218kb
PC Available from the official website as a free download.
Patch None required
For problems related to installation, see Installation Issues
A picture of the helm

Helm of Tohan is an official add-on that includes a new quest to find the titular, legendary artifact. The quest can be started by asking for rumors around Dagon Fel, who will direct you to the Daedric ruin of Onnissiralis. Outside the ruin are two warring brothers, one of whom will accompany you as you enter the ruins to find the artifact.

Official Summary

"The Adamantium Helm of Tohan is a rare and powerful artifact lost in the Sheogorad Region. Travel north to Dagon Fel to find out more about this legendary helm. "Official Website description page

New Content



Name ID Weight Health Value Rating Enchant
Adamantium Helm Adamantium Helm of Tohan helm_tohan_unique 4.0 900 5000 70 150

Note: This armor is also usable by beast races!