Morrowind:Guild of Mages (Vivec)

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Guild Hall:
Vivec Guild of Mages
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Guildmaster Trebonius Artorius
Console Location Code(s)
Vivec, Guild of Mages
Vivec, Foreign
The Guild of Mages in Vivec

The Vivec Guild of Mages is the headquarters of the Mages Guild in Vivec's Foreign Quarter.

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Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Craetia Jullalian Female&F Imperial Alchemist Service Mages Guild Apprentice(Apprentice) 10 75 158 100 30 Merchant
Flacassia Fauseius Female&F Imperial Guild Guide Mages Guild Apprentice(Apprentice) 12 82 138 90 30 Transport
Janand Maulinie Female&F Breton Enchanter Service Mages Guild Journeyman(Journeyman) 7 55 152 100 30 Merchant; Enchanter
Malven Romori Female&F Dunmer Mage Service Mages Guild Wizard(Wizard) 10 69 130 100 30 Spell Merchant; Spellmaker
Sirilonwe Female&F Altmer Nightblade Service Mages Guild Conjurer(Conjurer) 7 53 114 100 30 Spell Merchant
Tiram Gadar Male&M Dunmer Nightblade 7 63 94 90 30
Trebonius Artorius Male&M Imperial Battlemage Mages Guild Arch-Mage(Arch-Mage) 23 149 196 90 30 Head of the Mages Guild on Vvardenfell
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