Morrowind:Governor's Hall

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Governor's Hall
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Console Location Code(s)
Caldera, Governor's Hall
Caldera, [-2,2]
The Governor's Hall in Caldera

Governor's Hall is the residence of Odral Helvi, located on a hill overlooking Caldera.

It is the residence of a corrupt House Hlaalu quest giver, Governor Odral Helvi, located upstairs. You find several Hlaalu trainers here as well as Foves Arenim selling Thieves Tools. Llaros Uvayn sells some interesting spells.

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Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Cunius Pelelius Male&M Imperial Agent House Hlaalu Lawman(Lawman) 12 97 104 0 30 Trainer
Foves Arenim Male&M Dunmer Assassin Service House Hlaalu Oathman(Oathman) 9 87 122 100 30 Merchant; Trainer
Llaros Uvayn Female&F Dunmer Nightblade Service House Hlaalu Oathman(Oathman) 9 65 98 100 30 Spell Merchant
Odral Helvi Male&M Dunmer Monk Service House Hlaalu House Brother(House Brother) 17 126 106 100 30 Trainer
Olumba gro-Boglar Male&M Orc Monk Service Imperial Cult Initiate(Initiate) 9 90 72 100 30 Trainer
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