Morrowind:A Wizard's Staff

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Procure a Wizard's Staff required for the rank of Wizard.
Quest Giver: Wizard or higher rank member in the Mages Guild
Location(s): Sud
Reward: Promotion in the Mages Guild Faction, Wizard's Staff
ID: MG_Advancement
Required Rank: Warlock
Anirne has one...

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to any Mages Guild member ranked Wizard or higher about advancement.
  2. Learn that you need a Wizard's Staff before you can be promoted to Wizard.
  3. Either buy a staff for 5,000 gold...
  4. ...or learn that the renegade Anirne has one:
    1. Travel to Sud, on the west coast of Sheogorad, west of Dagon Fel.
    2. Defeat Anirne and obtain a Wizard's Staff.
  5. Return for your promotion.

Detailed Walkthrough

A Wizard's Staff

This isn't a quest per se, but rather a requirement. To reach the rank of Wizard, you first need a Wizard's staff (all guild quest givers should tell you the same information). You can either buy one for 5,000 gold (it's worth 10,000), or ask about the former guild member Anirne, who can be found in Sud, a cavern on the west coast of Sheogorad, west of Dagon Fel.


The caverns are pretty empty until you reach a point where you must levitate onto some stone towers oddly placed in the middle of nowhere. You'll encounter a variety of creatures including some skeleton archers, and leveled daedra. Anirne can be found in a room reached by levitation or some clever jumping just west of the entrance. There is a sunken treasure chest nearby with two cheap potions of rising force and two standard potions of jump if you lack the spell or jumping ability. She will have the staff on her body when you kill her. Don't forget to look around for loot.

Once you have the staff, you can return to any Mages Guild hall for advancement to Wizard.


  • There is also a Wizard's Staff in the Laterus Chamber of the Urshilaku Burial Caverns (levitation needed). The staff is on the very top in the west part next to a skill book and a chest (the rock it's on is darker). The burial caverns here are part of the main questline.
  • Yet another Wizard's Staff can be found in the Daedric ruins of Ramimilk. This can be found south-southeast of Ald'ruhn and due west from Ghostgate. It is a very small shrine, and the staff can be found through the trapped door behind the statue on a table to the right.
  • Edwinna Elbert and Procyon Nigilius each have a Wizard's Staff.

Quest Stages

These Codes can be used along with the Journal Console Command and Quest ID given within the chart to update the quest to a certain point.

A Wizard's Staff (MG_Advancement)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I must pay my guild dues before I can advance to the next rank.
20 I have paid the dues I owe the Mages Guild.
50 In order to gain the rank of Wizard, I must have a Wizard's Staff.
60 I have purchased a Wizard's Staff and I may now advance to the rank of Wizard.
70 Finishes quest I showed %Name my Wizard's Staff.