Lore:Umaril the Unfeathered

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Umaril the Unfeathered
Umaril the Unfeathered depicted in a fresco battling Pelinal Whitestrake
Raça Ayleid Gênero Male
Morte 3E 433
Residência Aetherius
Aparece em Knights of the Nine

Umaril the Unfeathered was an Ayleid sorcerer-king who once ruled Tamriel and enslaved the human population. Umaril was a "half-Elf", born of an Ayleid mother and a divine father.[1] His alliance with Meridia granted him immortality: upon death, his spiritual form would live on and inevitably return.[2] Thus, Umaril would "never know death".[1] Umaril was similar to Meridia's Daedric servants, the Aurorans, though much larger. He favored "ruin-from-afar", preferring to send minions to attack and weaken his foes before he would risk direct combat.[3][4]

Umaril was defeated by Pelinal Whitestrake at the start of the First Era during the human uprising against the Ayleids, their "Slavemasters", and the fall of the White-Gold Tower. While Umaril escaped death, he was cast adrift in the "waters of Oblivion", and many thousands of years passed before he could return to Mundus. His return at the end of the Third Era was to seek vengeance upon the Divines who had brought about his fall. Aurorans under his command desecrated the chapel of Dibella in Anvil, and later the chapel of Mara in Bravil.[2]

The Divine Crusader learned of Umaril's return from an elderly prophet in Anvil, and that he must be conquered in both the physical and spiritual plane in order to be vanquished. The Crusader gathered the eight Crusader's Relics originally used by Pelinal to destroy Umaril's physical form. With the prophet's guidance, the Crusader went on to find something which Pelinal did not, could not, have had when he battled Umaril: the Blessing of Talos. Armed with Talos' blessing, the Divine Crusader not only defeated Umaril on the mortal plane, but was able to follow him into the spiritual plane, where the half-Elf finally met his end.[2]


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