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This article documents the many modes of transportation found around the various regions of Tamriel.

Pântano Negro

De longe o mais interessante meio de transporte no Pântano Negro é "montando as raízes". Há uma via expressa subterrânea de espécies formadas nas raízes das árvores Hist, e estranhas formas de vida parasitas transportam passageiros em grandes distâncias (enquanto as digere lentamente, mas não se preocupe - leva meses).[1] Deixando isto de lado, há caravanas, mas estas tendem a ser devagar, já que as estradas de Pântano Negro são sobrecarregadas, sinuosas e cheias de bestas e homens hostis.[2]


The capital province does not have many public modes of transport, most of travel done by its citizens are done on foot.


Horses are favored there, with stables outside all the walled cities. The quality and price of Cyrodiil's horses varies from city to city. Cheydinhal boasts the fastest (and most expensive) horse, while Anvil is home to the strongest steed money can buy.


There are caravans that have been used for longer journeys around Cyrodiil. These do not appear in any games, but have been described in books such as The Real Barenziah.


Most of the travels to and from other provinces are done by boat via the Imperial City and Anvil harbors. This mode of transportation is also not available in any of the games.


Morrowind has many different means of transport available to the savvy traveler.


Most of the cities and towns along the coast of Vvardenfell (and presumably the mainland) have docks where one can book passage to other nearby locations for a small fee. One can easily city-hop along the coast to reach more distant destinations. The most popular vessels on the island are Nord longboats and Dunmeri ships using native variations of a lugsail rig and large steering oars.

Silt Striders

For in-land routes, one can hire the services of a local Silt Strider operator. These huge insectoid beasts can travel great distances in a fairly short amount of time. One can easily travel from one end of the island to the other by city-hopping, much like one can with the ships, though in Vvardenfell the Silt Striders are generally restricted to routes outside the Ashlands, to the south and west of the island.

Guild Guides

The five Mages Guilds in Vvardenfell also offer instant transportation between their main halls for a small fee. This service is available to members and non-members alike, though members are generally given a significant discount.


Both the Imperial Cult and the Tribunal Temple offer teleportation spots for those with the skills to use the relevant spells. The Divine Intervention spell can transport you instantly to the nearest Imperial shrine, and the Almsivi Intervention spell will do the same for Tribunal temples. By strategically mixing these two spells, one can traverse great distances in almost no time at all. For those less magically inclined, the spells are also available on scrolls or enchanted items, usable by anyone.


The skilled magician may make great use of these two spells. Mark will place a marker at your current location, and from that point forward, you may use Recall to instantly transport yourself back to that location from any distance. Unfortunately, you may only have one location Marked at any one time, so this is a bit of a drawback.

Propylon Chambers

The ancient Dunmer fortresses around Vvardenfell are connected by magical means, such that anyone carrying the correct Propylon Indices can jump instantly from one to the next around the loop. Only one index exists for each fortress, however, and most have been lost over time as the forts have been abandoned by their creators.


One of the most interesting modes of transport in Valenwood is to simply not move at all! Several of their major tree-cities move on their own, and by simply staying in town, you can slowly plod your way across the whole of the province. Those wishing more expedient travel are advised to seek passage on the boats that travel the rivers and the coastline. Additionally, there are caravan routes over land during peaceful times.


Skyrim has a few means of transport available to the traveler.


Located outside its five main cities, near its stables, there is a carriage which can take you to any hold for a small fee. Being taken to any of the minor hold capitals costs more than if you were to be taken to any of the major holds.


Also outside of Skyrim's main cities are stables, from where personal horses can be purchased. The horses of Skyrim are not as fast as horses from other parts of Tamriel, but are stronger and have more endurance.


Skyrim has many ships ferrying to and from its major ports, carrying supply goods and occasionally passengers from other provinces. One can book a trip aboard a ship to and from Skyrim's three main port settlements, or ask around for a further trip towards Solstheim.


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