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Torasa Aram
TR-quest-The Museum.jpg
Torasa Aram in her Museum of Artifacts circa 3E 427
Raça Dunmer Gênero Female
Residência Mournhold
Aparece em Tribunal

Torasa Aram was a wealthy Dunmer noblewoman who lived during the late Third Era. She used her wealth to establish the Museum of Artifacts, a museum in the Godsreach district of Mournhold. By offering large sums of money to adventurers, she was able to collect a significant number of artifacts, items of great and often divine power.[1]

Her museum's collection was expanded greatly in 3E 427 due to the patronage of the Nerevarine, who sold many valuable artifacts to Torasa. In return for several donations made by the Nerevarine, Torasa parted with an ancient Dwemer Battle Shield from the Battle of Red Mountain. This shield contained a piece of Trueflame, the fractured blade of Nerevar which was later reforged by the Nerevarine.[2]

As is the nature of great artifacts, many of the items from the museum's collection were not content to stay with one owner for long. Even by the time of the Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433, several artifacts had been reclaimed by their respective Daedric Princes, or had vanished to reappear elsewhere on Tamriel.[3]

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