Lore:Quarra Clan

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Quarra Clan is one of the three major vampire bloodlines found in Vvardenfell. The Warriors of the Quarra fear nothing, and with good reason. Of all the Vvardenfell clans, they are the strongest physically. They are not subtle, and would rather slaughter an entire village than choose a few on which to feed. At the end of the Third Era, Clan Quarra was led by Volrina Quarra and from the Dwemer ruin of Druscashti. They also had a presence in the many ancestral tombs around the island.

In 3E 427 Volrina Quarra was slain, as a vial of her blood was wanted by both Mistress Dratha of House Telvanni[1] and the Berne Clan.[2] Aundae Clan then killed many of the remaining members of the clan.[3][4]

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