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The Oracle
Raça Unknown Gênero Female
Residência Dragontail Mountains
Aparece em Daggerfall

The Oracle is a wise woman and a seer who lives in the Dragontail Mountains. Although she is blind, she is rumored to be the wisest woman in Tamriel. She gave her eyes to the gods, which gave her the power to see the future by looking through their eyes.[1] By tradition, she has been the Chief Counselor to the monarchs of Sentinel. She advised King Camoran against warring with Daggerfall, foreseeing his death during the War of Betony.[2] She also acted as a confidant of Queen Akorithi during her reign. The Oracle often contacted the Mages Guild through her Acolyte when she foresaw an attempt on the life of an uncooperative noble, whose death would cause havoc in the region.[1] The Daggerfall Chronicles was hidden in a shrine to the Oracle after it was stolen from the Scenarist Guild.[3]

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