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Type Settlement
Continent Akavir
Province Imperial Province of Akavir

Ionith was a large Akaviri settlement used as a headquarters by Emperor Uriel Septim V's invasion of Akavir in the year 3E 288.[1] It was originally a Tsaesci town further upriver from Septimia, but was found abandoned and was taken over by the invasion force to be re-founded as a colony of the short-lived Imperial Province of Akavir.[1] A road linked the settlement to Septimia.[1]

Due to the terrible, almost unnatural weather suffered leading up to the Battle of Ionith, communications between the two cities was lost as the river dried up and the garrisons along the road were lost to raiders.[1] The Emperor was besieged, and led a valiant march towards Septimia in order to retreat.[1] This was the last direct contact from the Expeditionary Force, but survivors of the Battle say that the Tsaesci surrounded them and Uriel V was killed, "cut down by enemy arrows as he rallied the Tenth [Legion]'s shield wall".[1] The settlement was reclaimed by the Tsaesci and has never been revisited by Imperial forces since.


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