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Haskill at the end of the Third Era
Raça Breton Gênero Male
Residência Shivering Isles
Aparece em Shivering Isles, ESO

Haskill was the Chamberlain of Lord Sheogorath, "the one constant in the ever-changing whims of the Madgod".[1] He often takes on the appearance of an elderly man in a melancholy yet flamboyant suit. Just like his colleague Dyus, former Chamberlain of Lord Jyggalag, his origins are unknown. According to him, however, he was under the service of Sheogorath since the "beginning",[1] which implies some time in the Dawn Era. He took care of all of the more administrative and mundane duties involved in running the Shivering Isles.[2] Haskill has never visited Tamriel and, according to him, has no desire to.[1] He has a strong dislike of Mehrunes Dagon,[1] mortals and Order.

In 3E 433, Haskill helped Sheogorath's Champion in his many endeavors, and eventually helped him stop the Greymarch and free Jyggalag/Sheogorath of his curse.[3] Haskill serves the Champion as the new Madgod, and has been known to substitute the new Sheograth when summoned to Mundus.[4] He also takes care of the Shivering Isles when Sheogorath goes on "vacations", and according to Sheogorath gets in "mind boggling trouble" while his master is away.[5]


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