Lore:Dragonne Papre

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Dragonne Papre
BS-creature-Dragonne Papre.jpg
Dragonne Papre's skeleton as seen in Battlespire
Raça Dragon Gênero Unknown
Residência The Battlespire
Aparece em Battlespire

Dragonne Papre was an enormous dragon who lived in the Battlespire during the Third Era. He was the companion of an Imperial Battlemage named Samar Starlover. His lair was located in the bowels of the Battlespire.

When the invading daedric armies of Mehrunes Dagon began to overwhelm the Battlespire during the Imperial Simulacrum, Samar told the surviving Battlemages of his plan to mount Papre and fly to the Imperial Palace on Mundus in order to notify Emperor Uriel Septim VII (although, at the time, Jagar Tharn was impersonating the Emperor and was perfectly aware of the invasion). However, the daedra had prevented Papre from escaping by sealing the main gate, and presumably killed him. When Starlover fought his way to Papre's lair, all he found was a carcass. Unable to request a rescue force, Starlover gave up hope and took comfort in being "eternally reunited" with his companion in death.[1]

The Battlespire fell to the daedra, who then retreated back into Oblivion. Starlover's log was later discovered beside Papre's skeleton by a Battlemage apprentice, who single-handedly followed the retreating armies into Oblivion and banished Dagon in his own realm.[2] The logs were returned to Tamriel and came into the possession of Divayth Fyr.[3] Due to the nature of dragons, Dragonne Papre isn't truly dead and could be raised again;[4] however, it is doubtful that his remains survived the destruction of the Battlespire.


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