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Dinastia Remana
Dinastia Septim
Dinastia Mede
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The Mede Dynasty was founded by Titus Mede, a Colovian warlord, when he assumed control of the Empire from the unpopular Nibenese battlemage, Thules the Gibbering in 4E 17. After the demise of the Septim Dynasty at the close of the Third Era, High Chancellor Ocato became Potentate and stewarded the Empire for nearly a decade before his assassination, which initiated a seven-year-long period of infighting over the Ruby Throne known as the Stormcrown Interregnum. Titus Mede brought an end to the Interregnum when he captured the Imperial City with a force of only one thousand men and was crowned Emperor of Tamriel.[1][2]

As a consequence of the destruction and confusion wrought across Tamriel by the Oblivion Crisis, Imperial control over the provinces had waned and the Empire began to crumble despite Titus Mede's intervention. Between 4E 1 and 4E 29, Black Marsh, Elsweyr, and Summerset Isle (since renamed Alinor) seceded from the Empire, Morrowind was devastated by the twin catastrophes of the eruption of Red Mountain and an Argonian invasion, and Valenwood fell to a Thalmor-backed coup and was absorbed by Alinor to form the third Aldmeri Dominion.[1][2][3]

Over a century later, the Empire was brought to its knees during the reign of Titus Mede II. In 4E 171, only three years after Titus II was crowned Emperor, the Aldmeri Dominion invaded the Empire and ushered in the Great War. When the conflict ended in 4E 175 under the White-Gold Concordat, Titus II was forced to renounce Hammerfell as a province because it refused to concede its territory to the Thalmor as the Concordat required. By 4E 201, the Empire was reduced to only Cyrodiil, High Rock, and Skyrim, with the latter embroiled in a civil war and on the verge of being lost as well.

Mede Bloodline

Name Born Crowned Died
Titus Mede I  ? 4E 17[2]  ?
Attrebus Mede[nb 1] 4E 18[1]  ?  ?
Unknown[nb 2]  ?  ?  ?
Unknown[nb 2]  ?  ? 4E 168[3]
Titus Mede II  ? 4E 168[3] 4E 201[4]

The table to the left shows the birth and regnal dates of the emperors. The chart below details the lineage of the Mede family in the first-degree only. All unknown individuals and dates are noted with the inclusion of "???". A † symbol next to a date of death indicates that the death was not natural. Names in bold indicate ruling emperors.

References are given in the usual style, but notes are also provided for cases where calculation or inference are involved, or where contradictions exist.

3E ??? - ?E ???
3E ??? - ?E ???
?E ??? - 4E ???
Titus Mede I
3E ??? - 4E ???
???[1][nb 3]
?E ??? - 4E ???
Attrebus Mede
4E 18[1] - 4E ???
Annaïg Hoïnart[nb 4]
4E 23[1] - 4E ???
???[nb 2]
4E ??? - 4E ???
4E ??? - 4E ???
4E ??? - 4E ???
???[nb 2]
4E ??? - 4E 168[3]
Alexia Vici
4E ??? - 4E ???
4E ??? - 4E ???
Titus Mede II
4E ??? - 4E 201†[4]
Vittoria Vici
4E ??? - 4E 201†[4]
Asgeir Snow-Shod
4E ??? - 4E ???


  1. ^  Although it is never stated that Attrebus Mede succeeded his father Titus I as Emperor, it can be assumed that he did since he was Crown Prince as of 4E 40, there was no indication of other heirs to the throne at the time, and the Mede bloodline survived until the time of Titus II.
  2. ^  It is unknown how many Mede Emperors reigned between Attrebus and Titus II. Given the gap of 150 years between Attrebus' birth in 4E 18 and Titus II's ascension to the throne in 4E 168, as well as the knowledge that Titus II's father had a sister (Alexia Vici) while Attrebus had no known siblings, Attrebus was most likely not Titus II's father or grandfather. It can therefore be assumed that at least two other Medes reigned as emperor between Attrebus and Titus II.
  3. ^  An unidentified brother of Titus Mede I. As of 4E 40, this brother was kept under surveillance in case he attempted to act against Titus I.
  4. ^  At the end of Lord of Souls, Attrebus Mede and Annaïg Hoïnart, who had fallen in love during their adventures, resolve to spend their lives together. It can be assumed they married and produced at least one heir who continued the Mede bloodline.