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Daedric Titans, commonly referred to simply as Titans, are giant winged Daedra that serve Molag Bal as war-slaves. They were first created in imitation of the dragons of Nirn when Bal's interrogation of Boziikkodstrun proved fruitless. After modifying Boziikkodstrun's skeleton and substituting his soul for a Daedric vestige, Bal transformed him into the first Titan.[1] Daedric Titans are anatomically similar to dragons, although with dark black skin and prehensile frontal limbs. They have the ability to speak a spell of flaming essence-drain that can debilitate an opponent with a single word, similar to the power of the thu'um. They are notoriously difficult to kill.

According to some sources, Titans were released upon Tamriel for the first time[nb 1] during the attempted Planemeld of the Second Era. Specifically, Molag Bal released them into the skies over the Imperial City when a portal to Coldharbour was opened above the White-Gold Tower in 2E 582.[2] Daedric Titans quickly came to serve other Daedric Princes such as Boethiah, who forced them to fight for her amusement. Mehrunes Dagon imbued a Titan with some sort of flame magic, creating an even stronger variant known as the Ash Titan.[3]



  • ^  The first Daedric Titans were said to have been released upon Tamriel for the first time during the Planemeld. This would match the story of Boziikkodstrun's corruption, which describes him bounding up the Endless Stair, a structure which was created by the Mad Architect some time between 2E 578 and 2E 582.[4] However, this timeline is contradicted by the appearance of Titans on Tamriel at earlier points in history.[5]

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