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Title Author Description Game(s)
Hagrof the Righteous A record of the third Champion of the Blessed Crucible
Hags, Harpies, and Hagravens The Unveiled Azadiyeh, Songbird of Satakalaam A rebuttal against the argument of the inherent wickedness of womanhood
Hallgerd's Tale Tavi Dromio Squabbling over the greatest warrior ever leads to a tale of heavy-armor-master Hlaalu Pasoroth
Hanging Gardens A travel guide to the Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale, written in both Dwemeris and Aldmeris
Hanin's Wake A noxious and lethal drink allows for a mass sacrifice
Harvesting Frostbite Spider Venom A brief guide to harvesting frostbite spider venom
Head of Brazzefk Notes on a renown Dwemer alchemist and his experiments with immortality
The Healer's Tale An amusing anecdote from a healer of the Temple of Stendarr
Healing Herbs of Northwest Tamriel Ulnil Tildarin A guide to making healing poultices and medicinal broths
The Heart of Love A short text on the god Mara
Heart of Valenwood Beredalmo the Signifier A history of the Ayleid ruin of Hectahame and a plot to harness its immense power
The Heartland of Cyrodiil Phrastus of Elinhir A description of the Heartlands
Heavy Armor Forging Sven Two-Hammers A guide to creating Heavy Armor
Heavy Armor Repair Information on the best ways to repair various types of heavy armor
Heavy Armor: A Forge-Wife's Advice Garshag gra-Sharkub How to get started smithing
Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim Agneta Falia A description of alchemy ingredients found in Tamriel's northernmost province, Skyrim.
Herbane's Bestiary Herbane A guide to some of the creatures you may encounter while exploring Skyrim
Heretical Thoughts The ideals and ways of the Heretic
A Hero's Weapon Lizabet Delrusc A panegyric to the greatsword
Heroes of the Sanctuary the Emulator of Eldamar The tale of how Seaside Sanctuary was founded
Hiding With the Shadow Concerning the nature of thieves and their relationship with Nocturnal
The Hist's Fire Pegareem Como dois argonianos se encontraram
A History of Daggerfall Odiva Gallwood A relatively unbiased analysis of Daggerfall and the Iliac Bay
History of Lock Picking Chronicles the development of modern locks and lockpicking
History of Raven Rock Lyrin Telleno
History of the Fighters Guild Detailing the events leading up to the foundation of the Syffim, now known as the Fighters Guild
History of the Handfast A poem dedicated to the anointment ritual and wedding of the Silvenar to the Green Lady
Holdings of Jarl Gjalund
The Holds of Skyrim The official guide of the Imperial Legion to Skyrim and its holds
Holidays of the Iliac Bay Theth-i An overview of Breton and Redguard holidays commonly celebrated in the Iliac Bay region
Homilies of Blessed Almalexia Almalexia A series of children's fables, each with its own moral
Honor Among Thieves Arnie the Scrib A manual for those wishing to join the Thieves Guild
Honorable Writ of Execution A generic Morag Tong execution writ
The Hope of the Redoran Turiul Nirith A tale of a child blessed by a prophesy and the interpretation thereof
Horker Attacks Heidmir Starkad The tale of a horker attack.
The Horror of Castle Xyr Baloth-Kul A One Act Play
Horrors of the Strid Basin A warning regarding the Hoarvors of the Strid River
The Horse-Folk of Silverhoof Doctor Nabeth al-Gilane, Khefrem Academy of Yokudan Heritage On the lost tribe of Yokuda, the Horsemen of High Rock
House Hlaalu Philosophy of Trade The philosophy of House Hlaalu
The House of Troubles Chronicle of the Daedra who decided not to submit to the Tribunal
House Ravenwatch Proclamation Count Verandis Ravenwatch A House Ravenwatch pamphlet denouncing Baron Wylon Montclair and the Lightless Remnant
House Tamrith: A Recent History Chancellor Regina Troivois A treatise on House Tamrith of Rivenspire
House Tharn of Nibenay Count Opius Voteporix Noble Families of Cyrodiil, Volume Seventeen
How Orsinium Passed to the Orcs Menyna Gsost The story of how Gortwog won the land to the north of Wayrest
How the Kwama Lost His Shoes A children's poem about a clumsy Kwama
How the Yokudans Chased the Stars A lenda do Homem Estrelar e sua relação com a Constelação do Guerreiro
How to Win a Fight Caelius Imbrex A concise, but primitive, guide on effective fighting techniques
How We Came to Coldharbour A history of the Argonian village of Haj Uxith, and the Hist's pact with Molag Bal
The Humor of Wood Elves Telenger the Artificer A collection of Bosmer jokes
The Hunger of Sep The Unveiled Azadiyeh, Songbird of Satakalaam On the dangers of the Hunger of Sep
Husks and Bones Sorexius Lentulus The journal of an enterprising merchant and his experiences in Valenwood
Hymn to Kyne A song to Kyne
A Hypothetical Treachery Anthil Morvir A One Act Play