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Seekers are grotesque tentacled Daedra. They are servants of Hermaeus Mora, usually guarding tomes of forbidden knowledge, and are rarely seen outside Apocrypha. Miraak gained control of a few Seekers while in the realm of Apocrypha, forcing you to deal with them during the quests The Gardener of Men and At the Summit of Apocrypha.

When idle, Seekers usually conjure a book from thin air and begin to read. While you are undetected, they may become mostly invisible with only a smoky shadow giving away their location. Some varieties seem to, while in this invisible state, flit about the area very quickly. This can be especially surprising to sneaky characters, because very soon after they are shot with an arrow, they can appear right in front of you. Also surprising for sneak-oriented characters, Seekers' magical attacks seem to automatically strike you while they are searching for you, even if you are still undetected. These abilities make the Seeker a formidable and nerve-racking opponent for those that prefer a stealth approach.

All varieties of Seeker will summon a somewhat weaker clone to aid them in battle. This clone has less health and will disintegrate when its parent Seeker has been destroyed.

You can loot Seeker remains for various books (from the base game and Dragonborn) and scrolls (only from the base game) when they die.

Creature (ID) Lvl Health Magicka Sta. Abilities Attacks Factions
21 550 300 0 DLC2SeekerFaction;
allied apocrypha creatures;
Seeker Aspirant
32 660 355
High Seeker
42 760 405


  • You may summon a Seeker using the Conjure Seeker spell, which can only be obtained from tomes found in Apocrypha.
  • In some cases, if you approach a seeker and pause a moderate distance away, it may watch you for a short time without turning hostile. It will turn hostile if you stick around for too long or get closer, which is similar to the behavior of NPCs that warn you to go away before attacking.
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