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Millius (RefID: xx020A48)
Home City Raven Rock
Location Raven Rock Mine
Species Skeleton Soul
Level 1 Type
RefID xx020A48 BaseID xx020A47
Other Information
Health 0 (Dead) Magicka

The skeletal remains of Millius can be found in Raven Rock Mine outside of a sealed door to Bloodskal Barrow, near the remains of Gratian Caerellius. According to Gratian's journal, he came to the mine as Gratian's assistant to study some ruins unearthed by the miners there. When Gratian discovered a strange weapon on a pedestal in the ruins, Millius tried to convince him to leave it there. Gratian decided to remove it anyway, and they were instantly attacked by draugr. Though Millius fought bravely, he was killed.

On the skeletal remains of Millius, you will find an enchanted weapon of the best possible quality for your level, a leveled potion of well-being and a small amount of gold.