Dragonborn:Fire Wyrm

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Fire Wyrm
Species Spectral Dragon Soul
Level 11 Type Monsters
Other Information
Health 316 Magicka 50

A Fire Wyrm is summoned from enemies killed with Fire Breath with the Dragonborn Flame power active. All three words of power need to be used to kill the enemy in order for the wyrm to appear. Only two wyrms can exist at any one time. Should a third wyrm appear from the corpse of an enemy, the first wyrm will die.

The power is available from the Epistolary Acumen Black Book after the quest The Gardener of Men.

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  • Followers consider the wyrm an enemy and attack it. You will not be able to interact with them until the wyrm is gone ?
  • The wyrm's pathfinding is atrocious, and it will often remain stationary or start moving in a straight direction, even when it could easily attack enemies ?