Dragonborn:Dremora Merchant

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Dremora Merchant
(RefID: xx01EEC1)
Race Dremora Gender Male
Level 6 Class Destruction Mage
RefID xx01EEC1 BaseID xx01EEB1
Gold 2000
Sells Leveled Weapons, Armor, and Arrows
Buys Clutter
Other Information
Health 92 Magicka 183
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Destruction, Restoration, Sneak, Alteration
Class Details CombatMageDestruction
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Faction(s) DLC2DremoraMerchantFaction; Prisoners Faction
The Dremora Merchant

The Dremora Merchant is a Dremora that can be summoned by the Black Market power, one of the reward options from the quest Black Book: Untold Legends. When summoned, he approaches you and goes into the sell screen. He wears black robes and a pair of boots.

Unlike the Dremora butler, he seems to delight in providing his services to you. He will greet you by saying, "Ah, my favorite customer.", "You have many things I wish to buy.", "So soon? You must be hungry for a deal.", "Ah, a fresh mortal who seeks to bargain with me.", or "So, we meet again." When you offer to sell your items to him, he will reply with one of the following: "I'm sure we can strike a bargain.", "Haggling with you can be so...entertaining.", "Let's make a deal.", or "I can hardly wait." Once you have finished bartering with him, he will part ways by remarking, "Until you summon me again.", "I do so love dealing with mortals.", or "Ah, sweet Oblivion. Soon I shall return."

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Standard Merchandise

This is the merchandise found in the Dremora Merchant's merchant chest. These items are only available if purchased from the merchant; they cannot be pickpocketed or stolen. They are restocked every two days.

Count Item Details
1 Leveled Heavy Armor (unenchanted; Daedric is best possible)
1 Leveled Enchanted Heavy Armor (Daedric is best possible)
1 Leveled Enchanted Weapon (Daedric is best possible)
1 Leveled Weapon (unenchanted; Daedric is best possible)
~9 Leveled Arrows Max 12 (12@75%)


  • His inventory is leveled, and includes weapons, armor and arrows. At higher levels, he is a reliable source of Daedric items.
  • While he doesn't have a large selection, his gold count is always 2000 making him a good choice if you need to sell some gear to lighten the load immediately.
  • The Dremora Merchant buys items from the player for 9% less than normal merchants and sells for 25% more.
  • He is not affected by the Master Trader perk.
  • The Dremora Merchant is different from many other Dremora in that his voice is not the usual low pitch menacing sound, but is rather more astute and refined, sounding instead like a typical Dunmer. The notes for his dialogue describe him as "oily, somewhat sinister".


  • If you try to summon the Dremora Merchant while trespassing, he will say, "You're not supposed to be here." and will refuse to do business with you.
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