Daggerfall:Two Cowards

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Fight a duel as a substitute for a coward.
Location(s): Any Merchant or Innkeeper
Reward: Random Gold
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: k0c00y04
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Easy

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to a Merchant or an Innkeeper.
  2. Find his competitor in the local town.
  3. Talk to him/her about the duel.
  4. Head to the specified residence.
  5. Enter the house and kill the enemy.
  6. Head back to your employer and collect your reward.
  7. Be sure to follow the time limit.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Offer

This quest is one of several in the random pool of Merchants/Innkeepers quests.


I'm in an embarassing predicament, I fear. (lover's name) and I have had an ... understanding, but (his/her) lover is being distressingly old-fashioned about it. I have been challenged to a duel. Luckily, (competitor's name), that's my rival's name, doesn't know what I look like. You could stand in for me. For (random gold) gold pieces, would you? I'd be very grateful.


This (competitor's name) here in (town) has sent me a challenge. I guess the word has gone around that I have ruined the honor of (his/her) lover, (lover's name). Not that most of (region) hasn't been with old (lover's name) first. Basically, I need someone like you to impersonate me in the duel. Would (random gold) gold pieces interest you in this?

Quest Acceptance

The merchant/innkeeper goes on:

Good show, (player's first name). Bring this reply to (competitor's name). You'll find (him/her) over in (building's name). I'll expect you back in (time limit) days, victorious, for your just reward. Good luck, my friend.

Quest Decline

The merchant/innkeeper answers:

No? That is too bad. Well, I probably should get someone who looks more like me anyhow.

Quest Object

This is an easy and straightforward quest, which can be done in either of two ways:

  • Head to the building where your employer's competitor is located. He/she will be as cowardly as your employer and denies you an immediate start of the duel. Instead he/she points you to a local residence where the planned duel should take place when you arrive there. Find this residence by asking in town. Enter the building, which may be locked and kill the enemy, a Spellsword who is waiting for you there and who has taken the competitor's place. Head back to your employer afterwards to collect your reward.
  • Head to the lover who is the cause of all this turbulence. Find him/her by asking around town for his/her location, then talk to him/her.
    • If the lover is a man, he will say both women are a bunch of idiots for acting like this and he loves neither of them. He tells you that he will take this matter into his own hands and for your efforts, he will give you a slightly higher reward than promised by the merchant/innkeeper.
    • If the lover is a woman, she will say it is romantic that both men want to fight over her, but she cannot allow this to happen. She says she will leave her lover (the one you were told to fight) forever and for your efforts, she will give you a slightly higher reward than promised by the merchant/innkeeper.

If you told the lover what was going on, the quest will count as a failure and you will lose two reputation with your employer's faction.

Quest End

After returning to your employer after a successful duel, he/she will say:

Honor is restored, eh, my fine (player's race)? Here's your (random gold) gold pieces. And now, I should go visit dear (lover's name) and tell (him/her) of the ordeal ... with certain alterations of the facts, of course.

Reputation Gain/Loss

A successfully completed quest results in a reputation gain according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Questgiver's faction +5
Questgiver's associated factions +2

A failed quest (time limit expired) results in a reputation loss according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Questgiver's faction -2
Questgiver's associated factions -1


  • Quest Target: One Spellsword


  • The Competitor-NPC will be gone forever if you talked to him/her during the quest. That means he/she can no longer be found in the building of this town. If it was a NPC who provided a service to the player, this service is also gone forever.
    • You can revert this, however, by deleting from your savegame directory the ATF file that is allocated to this specific town. The downside is that you will also lose all map information for this town.