Daggerfall:The Qualifying Examination

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The qualifying examination for the Thieves Guild.
Location(s): None
Reward: Acceptance into the Thieves Guild
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: o0a0al00
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Easy
Ficheiro:DF-Cloth Pile.png
Valuable treasures?

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Pickpocket ten victims or alternatively pick a couple [verification needed — exact number] of locked doors.
  2. Wait for about three days to receive a letter.
  3. Travel to the town mentioned in the letter
  4. Break into the residence and steal the clothing.
  5. Travel to the town mentioned in the note that comes with the clothing.
  6. Meet with the Thieves Guild contact and give him the clothing to be accepted into the Thieves Guild.
  7. Be sure to follow the time limit.

Detailed Walkthrough


About three days after you successfully pickpocket ten civilians or enemies or pick a certain number of locks, you will receive a letter from a one-eyed beggar. The letter says:

(player's name),
You are a thief. Do not try to deny it, you have been seen in the act. There is honor among thieves. Either join the guild or face the consequences. Steal the (clothing) from (residence) in (first town) if you desire to join us. You have (time limit) days.

Quest Object

Ficheiro:DF-Cloth Pile.png
The clothing will be in this pile.
Ficheiro:DF-Thieves Guild Mage.png
The owner of the clothing.

Travel to the town mentioned in the letter and ask around to learn the location of the building. Depending on the time of the day and the type of building, the door may or may not be locked. If the door is locked, you will need to break in, so make sure you can cast an open spell if you can't pick the lock. Find the clothing within and pick it up to receive the following message:

As you pick up the (clothing) you hear the soft rustle of paper. A note is tucked inside the (clothing).
(Thieves Guild contact) (second town)

The owner of the clothing (a mage) may show up and attack you. If you attack the mage, he will say:

Thief! I'll teach you to steal from a wizard. It will be a lesson you won't soon forget!

Travel to the town mentioned in the note and find the contact by asking around for his location.

Quest End

Ficheiro:DF-Thieves Guild Contact.png
The contact of the Thieves Guild.

Speak to the contact with the stolen clothing, and he will say:

Another initiate. Sometimes I wonder if the guild can hold them all. Ah, I see they sent you after a mage's (clothing). It's a popular choice of late. You are now a member of the Thieves Guild. Whenever you enter a town, you will know if there are any guild buildings there. Unfortunately guild rules say I have to pay you for this worthless piece of trash because you stole it in the service of the guild. Here's a gold piece.

Reputation Gain/Loss

A successfully completed task will gain you no reputation. If you ignore the letter, the quest will count as a failure once the time limit expires.

A failed quest results in a reputation loss according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Oblivion and all associated Daedra Princes +1
Sheogorath -1
The Night Mother +1
The Dark Brotherhood and its associated factions +1
Ebonarm -1
The Order of Arkay and its associated factions -1
The Benevolence of Mara and its associated factions -1
The Akatosh Chantry and its associated factions -1
The School of Julianos and its associated factions +1
The House of Dibella and its associated factions -1
The Temple of Stendarr and its associated factions +1
The Mages Guild and its associated factions -1
The Thieves Guild and its associated factions +1
Random Ruler -1
Daggerfall and its associated factions -1
Sentinel and its associated factions -1
Wayrest and its associated factions -1
The King of Worms and The Necromancers -1
The Underking and his Agents -1
Orsinium and its associated factions -1
The Glenmoril Witches -1
The Dust Witches +1
The Daughters of Wroth +1
The Witches of the Marsh +1
The Beldama +1
The Tide Witches +1
The Merchants -1
The Bards -1
The Prostitutes -1
Wrothgarian Mountains and its associated factions +1

(Allies/Enemies affiliations for listed factions are not considered) If you fail the quest, you will never be able to join the Thieves Guild.


  • 3x One Mage every three in-game minutes (25% chance) once you enter the mage's house


  • Contrary to the contact's dialogue, you will not receive a gold piece for completing the quest.
  • If you pickpocket the necessary number of victims while on Cybiades and then wait for three days, the game will crash when you receive the first letter, as there are no towns in the region to serve as quest locations. To prevent this, it is advised that you avoid pickpocketing in the region until the quest is complete. If you pickpocket the tenth victim while on Cybiades and then leave the region within three days, you will receive the letter in the first populated province you arrive in.