Daggerfall:Missing Person Case

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Find the whereabouts of a missing person.
Location(s): Any Merchant or Innkeeper
Reward: Random Gold
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: a0c00y16
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Medium

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to a Merchant or an Innkeeper.
  2. Ask the two friends you are pointed to.
  3. When you have found a clue follow it to the end.
  4. Return to your employer and collect your reward.
  5. Be sure to follow the time limit.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Offer

This quest is one of many others you can randomly get from the pool of Merchants/Innkeepers Quests.


My name is (questgiver's name). Can you help me find my friend? I can only pay you (random_gold) gold.


Please help me. My friend (missing person's name) is missing. I am afraid that (he/she) might have been hurt. I will pay you (random gold) gold pieces if you find (him/her).

Quest Acceptance

Merchant/Innkeeper goes on:

My prayers have been answered. (missing person's name) has not been seen for four days, and I am very worried about (him/her). (He/She) has been seen consorting with (first friend's name) and (second friend's name). You might want to start with them. If you can't find (missing person's name) within two days, you need not search any further.

Quest Decline

Merchant/Innkeeper answers:

Good day, (player's race). I will look for someone else


Is no-one willing to help me?


A thousand pardons. I mistook you for a heroic adventurer.

Quest Object

This is a quest with a couple of possible endings. Head to the friends your employer mentioned to you. Ask around in the local town to find them. They may give you some clues about the whereabouts of the missing person or point you towards two other friends, but not always. The best method would be to hit them with your questions, until you come up with useful information.

Following outcomes of this quest are possible:

  • The missing person and your employer had a fight and he/she is now hiding somewhere in the local town. Find him/her and bring him/her back to your employer. They will make peace and you will get your reward. If you bring your employer only the information and not the missing person, he will go the hiding place himself after paying you off.
  • The missing person has left the town after the fight. Report this to your employer, he will give you your reward.
  • The missing person has stolen something from a nearby temple and is now in jail. Report this to your employer, he will give you your reward and will go after him/her.
  • The missing person has fallen victim to a cutthroat named Smiley, who killed him/her for his/her money. He will try the same with you and you will have to fight and kill him and his friends. Report back to your employer after the fight and he will give you your reward for avenging his/her death.

Reputation Gain/Loss

A successfully completed quest results in a reputation gain according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Questgiver's faction +5
Questgiver's associated factions +2

A failed quest (time limit expired) results in a reputation loss according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Questgiver's faction -2
Questgiver's associated factions -1


  • Three Barbarians after you talked to Smiley's friend


  • This quest sometimes suffers from a bug in the game engine which will result in missing quest locations, see here for further information.