Daggerfall:Freeing Medora

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Free Lysandus's Lover from Her Tower.
Quest Giver: Medora Direnni in the Direnni Tower on the Isle of Balfiera
Location(s): Direnni Tower, Isle of Balfiera and Shedungent, Wrothgarian Mountains
Prerequisite Quest: Privateer's Hold
Next Quest: Dust of Restful Death
Reward: A random magical item
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: S0000003
Required Reputation: No negative reputation with Medora Direnni
Suggested Spells: Levitate
Required Level: 8
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Free Medora from her tower

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Find Medora within Direnni Tower on The Isle of Balfiera.
  2. Talk to her and she will tell you that only a Great Unicorn's Horn from Shedungent can free her.
  3. Travel to Shedungent to find and retrieve the unicorn's horn.
  4. Return the horn to Medora.

Detailed Walkthrough

Finding Medora

After entering the Direnni Tower, head through the door to the left and enter the tall room. You will be attacked by two skeleton warriors immediately. There are two routes you can take to reach Medora, though they both converge near the end.

Route 1

Go down the stairs, watch out for two vampires at the bottom, go up the other stairway, and turn the handwheel on the landing. Return to the entrance and the large stone which previously blocked the passage will have moved.

Follow the passage and go through the door. Head north and you will encounter an enemy. Dispose of him and enter the room. In the room, you will find a red brick teleporter. Walk through it to be transported to a room flooded with water and containing a water monster.

Go through the door and up the spiral staircase.

Go through the door to a room with another red brick teleporter, but this time you must click on it with the cursor to activate it. You will be teleported to a room with a closed trap door and an enemy.

Take care of him and leave the room through the south door. You will find yourself in a huge chamber with a hollow truncated pyramid flooded with water.

Route 2

Walk down the staircase until you reach the bottom, watching out for the two vampires, and then climb to the top of the other staircase. Watch out for a ghost on your way up.

Open the locked door at the top of the stairs, guarded by two wraiths, to find a room with a handwheel above a fireplace. Turn it and it will open the trap door located at the bottom of the tall room.

Walk down to the bottom of the tall room, jump down the now-open trap door, and destroy the lich and the imp. Go through the west door and follow the hallway a few steps. There is a secret door located at the south wall of this hallway; open it and enter the room. Leave the room through the east door and enter the hallway.

Follow the hallway south until you come to an intersection.

Go east a few steps and head south past a staircase leading up, and you will come to another intersection. Head west through the hallway and through the door at the end. You will find yourself in a huge chamber with a hollow truncated pyramid flooded with water.

The Final Path

Once you are in the room with the hollow truncated pyramid, find the chain hanging at the edge of the pyramid's opening. Click it and it will cast a levitation spell on you. There is also a staircase behind the west door of the huge room which will lead to the level above you.

From this platform, head north. Take care of the enemy and go up the west staircase. Follow the hallway south until you reach a second intersection, watching out for an enemy around the corner, and go through the door to the west.

Follow the hallway west until you come to an intersection, but watch out for some wraiths along the way. Head north a few steps past the first intersection and turn west at the second intersection. There are two downward-sloping passages which will both take you to your destination; you will encounter a vampire along each passage.

Ficheiro:DF-Direnni Banner.png
Banner of the Direnni Clan

Once you arrive at the bottom, go east. In this passage, you will find numerous levers guarded by a ghost. Pull the two levers that are across from the Direnni Banner. Once you have pulled these two levers, head south and go through the door at the end of the hallway.

Follow the open passage and go through the door at the end of the unblocked passage, then continue up the stairs and take care of the two wraiths.

Medora Direnni

Follow the stairway further upwards and you will finally reach Medora Direnni's chamber. There is a lich guarding the entrance door, so kill it and enter the chamber.

Medora's Request

Talk to Medora and she will say:

Greetings (player's name). I am Medora
Direnni, former sorceress to the court of
Daggerfall. I have an interest in helping
you in your aim to exorcise the spirit of
King Lysandus, but I can do little in my
present circumstances. If you would pay a
visit to a certain other sorceress, I
can lift the curse on Direnni Tower. Will
you do this for me, (player's name)?

Accept her request and she will reply:

I will be in your debt, (player's name).
Nulfaga, the mother of my former
Lord Lysandus is a renowned mystic,
but I have heard whispers that the
loss of her son has turned her mad
with grief. If this is not true,
she can and will help me. I need
a certain rare item, the horn of
a Great Unicorn to break the curse
on Direnni Tower. If Nulfaga is
indeed mad, you much search her
castle for this horn yourself
and bring it back to me. I will
expect you back in (time limit) days.

Returning to the entrance by foot

If you didn't set a recall anchor near the entrance, you must backtrack your way to the exit by foot. Remember, you must use the same route as you used to get here—you can't switch routes on your way back. Either the trap door in the large room will be closed if you took Route 1, or the large stone near the entrance will block your way if you took Route 2.

If you took Route 2, just return the same way you came from, but you will need a levitation potion or a spell with the same effect to float up through the trap door. You can't climb up since the opening is in the middle of the room away from any walls.

If you took Route 1, you will have a somewhat longer way back. Start by returning to the room with the hollow pyramid and enter the north room, the one with the closed trap door.

In this room, go west and down the stairs. You will come to a room flooded to your knees with water. There will be an undead foe in the closet there. Near the door is a torch—pull it. A bookcase will slide to the side, granting you access to a teleporter. Go through it.

You will be teleported to a room containing an enemy. After you've taken care of it, leave the room and go through the teleporter in the next room.

You will be teleported into a closet of yet another room. Go through the teleporter in this room, but leave the west door locked because an enemy will be waiting there.

You will be teleported to an enclosed area of another room. There is nothing but a teleporter there—go through it. The lever in this enclosed area opens the trap door in the room north of the hollow pyramid, but there is nothing beyond the trap door besides a quest location where you can find some random loot. It isn't worth it to go all the way back; besides, the whole area is under water.

After you have been teleported, leave the room through the south door and enter the room across the hallway. There will be an enemy in this room. Take care of her and go through the teleporter.

This time, you will be teleported to a room containing a throne on a pedestal and an enemy. After you have taken care of him, leave that room and enter the room across the hallway. Walk through the teleporter in this room.

That was the last teleporter you had to take. You'll have been teleported to a room containing an enemy. After he is disposed of, go through the door and down the stairs. Then go through the door at the bottom of the staircase and walk a few steps north to reach the entrance.

Finding the Unicorn's Horn

Nulfaga's Castle Shedungent

Travel to Shedungent in the Wrothgarian Mountains to find the unicorn's horn.

Ficheiro:DF-SHE Magical Door.png
Magical locked door to the throne room

Once you enter Shedungent, walk a few steps to the north and click the Daggerfall Banner beside the magical locked door. Type in shut up and the door to the throne room will open. Head north and take care of the two monsters you will encounter. Leave the throne room through the north door.

Head further north until the hallway ends, then head west up the ramp and past the intersection. When you stand in front of the door, head north.

Keep going north until the textures of the environment change. Follow the hallway until you come to an intersection. Head south and up the ramp.

Walk through the hallway until you come to an intersection. Kill the monster and walk up the ramp to the south.

The Unicorn's Horn

Follow this path past the first intersection. On the wall shortly before the second intersection, there is a torch. Pull it and it will open a path leading west. Follow this new path and head north when you reach the intersection. Continue on this path until you enter a new room. Look for a secret door on the southeast wall. Open it and you will find the unicorn's horn lying just in front of you on a bed. Pick it up and take it to Medora Direnni, who is waiting for your return.

Quest End

Return the horn to Medora, who will say:

You have succeeded in a most dangerous
enterprise, (player's name), but many
more such trials await you. By bringing
the horn to me, you have helped me lift
the curse the Queen Dowager placed on my
tower. I hope I can count on you for
further aid. For now, take this
(magic item) as your reward.

Reputation Gain/Loss

If you return with the unicorn's horn in time, you will gain reputation according to the table below.

Factions/Person Reputation Gain
Isle of Balfiera +10
Medora +10
Balfiera's associated factions +5


Direnni Tower



  • Technically, you can start this quest as soon as you reach level 8, assuming you have no negative reputation with Medora; it is not necessary to do Lhotun's quest first. However, you must know the location of the Direnni Tower, which is revealed to you either by completing Lhotun's quest or by completing the quest Former Student Part II.
  • This quest has no time limit even though Medora gives a deadline which will appear in the journal. The command to end the quest after this time limit has expired is not executed, thus the quest will remain active until the horn is brought back to Medora.
  • The Daggerfall Chronicles refers to this quest as "Medora's Freedom."
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