Daggerfall:Mantella Revealed

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The Intermission.
Quest Giver: Several People/Groups
Location(s): None
Prerequisite Quest: Orcish Treaty
Next Quest: Elysana's Betrayal
Reward: None
ID: S0000988
Required Level: None

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Receive some notes about the Mantella and read them.

Detailed Walkthrough

After completing the Orcish Treaty quest, you may receive a message if you have a good enough reputation with certain factions (you may actually receive many of the same messages from different groups if you are really well-liked). The messages tell you all about Numidium, and how Tiber Septim used this gigantic iron golem to forge his empire more than four centuries ago. He who holds the Totem controls Numidium.

The following list provides the factions that may send you a letter, along with the minimum reputation required before each faction will send you a letter:

Faction/Person Reputation Required Letter
Dark Plotters 50 reputation or more Letter 1
Prince Lhotun 20 reputation or more Letter 1
Any Vampire Clan 10 reputation or more Letter 1 & Letter 2
Gortwog 25 reputation or more Letter 1
The Underking 15 reputation or more Letter 2
Queen Aubk-i 25 reputation or more Letter 2
Thieves Guild 50 reputation or more Letter 2
The King of Worms 15 reputation or more Letter 3
Princess Elysana 25 reputation or more Letter 3
Any Witch Coven 25 reputation or more Letter 3
Mages Guild 50 reputation or more Letter 3

Similarly, if one of these people or groups really likes you, information about the Mantella might be revealed. The Mantella is a massive green gem that is the heart of Numidium. It cost Tiber Septim his own heart to create it. The Totem alone is worthless—the Mantella must be placed within Numidium's body to activate it.

Actually, most of the factions/persons mentioned in the table above will not send you the letters, regardless how much reputation you have with them. This behavior is very likely caused by the game-engines incapacity to allocate reputation data correctly. Only three factions/person will send you the letters in the end, if you have the required amount of reputation. These are shown in the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Required Letter
Gortwog 25 reputation or more Letter 1
Thieves Guild 50 reputation or more Letter 2
Mages Guild 50 reputation or more Letter 3

Letters you may receive

Letter 1

Dear (player),

You have probably not heard the fairy tale of Numidium, but you need to.

The legend dates back to the earliest parts of the third era.

Numidium was supposed to be a giant so big his hands could knock the moons from the sky. I do not recall from the stories whether Numidium was supposed to be good or bad, but the legends used to scare me as a child.

The legends are, in fact, true. There was a Numidium, and, if situations continue, he will come again. The Totem of Tiber Septim is used to control Numidium. However, legend has it that great Numidium lost his Mantellan heart, whatever that is, in the final with Tiber Septim's Battlemage. Until his heart is found, the Totem is useless.

A Friend

Letter 2

Dear (player),

Numidium was Tiber Septim's secret weapon in his bid for supreme power: a thousand foot tall automaton, a golem or an atronach of sorts powered by a gem called the Mantella. The Mantella was infused with the life force of TIber Septim's Imperial Battlemage, and with it, Septim crushed all who stood in his way. After the complete and total defeat of all his opponents, Septim began using Numidium to crush the neutral royal families of Tamriel so that he could enthrone only persons he knew to be loyal. His Imperial Battlemage was furious at this use of his creation, and fought to reclaim the Mantella. In the ensuing battle, both the created and the creator were vanquished: the heart they shared blown out of this reality into the netherworld they call Aetherius. Numidium's body was scattered throughout Tamriel and the Imperial Battlemage, without his life force, went into a semi-slumber in a subterranean vault. In the centuries that followed, the Emperor's elite soldiers, for generation after generation, collected the pieces of the Numidium and became known as the Blades. Tiber Septim's Imperial Battlemage became known as the Underking, and set his forces out to find the Mantella.

Be warned, therefore. Those who search for the Totem of Tiber Septim are searching for the mechanism the first Emperor of Tamriel used to control Numidium. Should Numidium return, he or she who holds the Totem will control Tamriel's fate.

A Friend

Letter 3

Dear (player),

I must tell you about the Totem of Tiber Septim, which all covet. You must know the truth about what you are asked.

The Totem was crafted by the original Imperial Battlemage of Tamriel, by orders of Tiber Septim. It is essentially a means of controlling a gargantuan creature called the Numidium. Without it, the Numidium would simply not function. The Imperial Battlemage placed a seal on the Totem so that anyone not of Septim lineage or possessing a special supernatural affinity, such as himself, would be instantly killed if they attempted to use it. The Totem, with the rest of Numidum, was lost during the epic battle between the Imperial Battlemage and his own creation.

A Friend


  • This isn't really a quest but it provides useful information about the Totem and the Mantella Crux.
  • After you have received any one of the letters, you can embark on the optional quest Elysana's Betrayal.
  • This quest will end after you have completed the final quest of the Main-Story line in case you never acquired the required reputation to receive any of the three letters.

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