Daggerfall:Magical Items

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Magical Items

Following table lists all magical items found in the game. These items can be found as loot, can be a quest reward, or can be found at the magic item merchants of the Mages Guild and the School of Julianos. For unique magical items see the Artifacts page.

Name Applied Range Enchantment
Blazing Item of Fireballs when used Area at Range Fireball
Cursing Item when used Area around Caster Toxic Cloud
Deadman's Item when used Area around Caster Fire Storm
Frosty Item of Ice Storms when used Area at Range Ice Storm
Healing Item when used Caster only Restore Health
Item of Far Silence when used Target at Range Far Silence
Item of Featherweight when used Caster only Slowfalling
Item of Force Bolts when used Target at Range Force Bolt
Item of Fortitude when equipped Caster only Fortitude
Item of Friendship when equipped Caster only Charisma
Item of Nimbleness when equipped Caster only Nimbleness
Item of Good Luck when equipped Caster only Jack of Trades
Item of Iron Will when equipped Caster only Iron Will
Item of Life Stealing when strikes On Target Vampiric effect
Item of Lightning when used Target at Range Lightning
Item of Magicka when equipped
and a hostile spell
is at hand
Caster only Absorbs spell
Item of Oblivion when strikes On Target Sphere of Negation
Item of Paralysis when used Target at Range Medusa's Gaze
Item of Shocking when used On Touch Shock
Item of the Orc Lord when equipped Caster only Orc Strength
Item of the Sealed Door when used Caster only Wizard Lock
Item of the Wise when equipped Caster only Wisdom
Item of Toxic Clouds when used Area around Caster Toxic Cloud
Item of Undeniable Access when used Caster only Open
Item of Venom Antidote when used Caster only Cure Poison
Item of Venom Spitting when used Caster only Levitate
Item of Water Breathing when equipped Caster only Water Breathing
Item of Water-walking when equipped Caster only Water Walking
Item of Wild Fire when used Area at Range Wildfire
Item of Wizard's Fire when used Target at Range Wizard's Fire
Item, the Protector when used Caster only Shield
Leaping Item when equipped Caster only Enhance Dragonish
Never Tiring Item when used Caster only Restore Stamina
Shining Item when used Caster only Light
Silent Item when used On Touch Silence
Torgo's Item when equipped Caster only Feet of Notorgo
Unrestrainable Item when used Caster only Free Action


  • The magnitude and duration of the effect on a magical item depends on the player's level, as it does for spells.
  • Enchantments that are applied "when strikes" can only be found on weapons.
  • Sometimes enchantments that are applied "when equipped" can also be found on wands. Since wands can not be equipped such a magical item is useless and is only of use when sold. The enchantments "Water Walking" and "Enhance Dragonish" are often found on wands.
  • "Enhance Dragonish" is the only language-relevant enchantment which can be found, all other languages apparently can not be found as enchantments.
  • The "Leaping" and "Venom Spitting" items were very likely misnamed by the developers. This error was fixed by a 3rd party patch.

Durability of Magical Items

To make the most of any magical item it is important to know how long it will last when used. The more often it is used the faster it wears out. The starting health of a magical item depends on the kind of item. Any magical item, beside weapons and armors has always a starting health of 1500. This applies also for artifacts, see further below. When it comes to weapons and armors, the material the gear is crafted determines the starting health. It doesn't matter what kind of weapon/armor the magical items is. See the below for further details on the starting health for each material.

Material Iron Steel Silver Elven Dwarven Mithril Adamantium Ebony Orcish Daedric
Starting Health 1500 2250 2250 3000 4500 6000 7500 9000 10500 12000

The use of a magical item will decrease its health until the item breaks and it is gone for good. How much of the item's health is used, is determined when the enchantment is applied, either when used, when strikes or when equipped.

For enchantments that are used as long as the item is equipped, following rule applies: The health decreases by 105 every time the item is equipped plus an additional decrease of 1 for every in-game minute the item is equipped. For example if one equips an item for one in-game hour, it has an overall health decrease of 105 + 60 = 165.

Effects that are applied when an item is used or when it strikes a target, will decrease its health by 10 every time it is used or it strikes a target which can be harmed by the weapon's material. Whether the enemy was save vs. magic or not, doesn't matter, the weapon's health will always decrease by 10. If an item is used, but the spell is aborted before it is casted, the health will decrease by 10 as well.

In case an item is also a weapon or a piece of armor, its abrasion in combat must be considered for the overall health decrease as well.

The health decrease of magical items works very likely additive, which means two enchantments on an item will consume 20 health per cast and so on. But since the standard magical items contain only one enchantment, this feature is not researched in detail. Such items can only be created by using an Item Maker, who is available for members of the appropriate rank at the Mages Guild or the School of Julianos.

Durability of Artifacts

All artifacts have a starting health of 1500, except the Oghma Infinium which has only one point of health and therefore will vanish after it is used. It doesn't matter whether the artifact is also a weapon or an armor. This is the reason why some of the artifacts for example the Ebony Blade get worn out extremely fast. Although artifacts may have powerful enchantments, they have a very limited durability. This must be considered an oversight made by the developers. If an artifact only increases a skill while equipped e.g. the Chrysamere or the Skeleton Key, it will not get worn out, regardless how long it is equipped. This also applies for self-made magical items.

Quests where magical items can be obtained

Main Quest