Daggerfall:Lysandus' Tomb

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Lysandus' Tomb in Menevia

The tomb is the final resting place for the body of Lysandus, the late king of Daggerfall. The tomb is actually located somewhere in Menevia. The burial chamber with Lysandus' sarcophagus is located deep within the bowels of the tomb.


Why the King of Daggerfall, who died on Cryngaine Field on the Isle of Betony, was finally entombed in Menevia remains a mystery.

Dungeon Layout

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:

          B0000004  B0000005  B0000006                    
B0000003  N0000048  N0000039  W0000009  S0000140  B0000007
B0000002  N0000057  B0000010  B0000009  B0000008          
B0000001  N0000028 @S0000141                              

Dungeon-Modules: 18
Quest Locations: 11

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