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Cottages are small settlements that come normally in three styles: shacks, farmsteads, and manors. A shack is a single hut with an NPC who doesn't offer any services or unique dialog to the player. A farmstead contains a slightly improved residence and usually a larger cropland. A manor is a considerably larger settlement containing a manor as well as a couple of residences and usually a Tavern. Shacks are visible as dark pink colored spots on the regional map, while manors are visible as light pink colored spots.

The number of Cottages in a region depends on its size. Almost all regions of the Iliac Bay have at least a couple, with the exceptions of Cybiades and the Isle of Balfiera; both of which have no cottages.

As with all other non-dungeon locations, camping in the open within cottages is not allowed. Camping will cause the town guards to appear.

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