Arena:Executando em Windows XP

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Environment Setup

Download and extract Arena XP

Make sure that folder contained within archive and named "DOS" is on C:\ (root disk directory). You should get C:\DOS\...5 files...

Then go to the Arena folder (for example C:\Arena or C:\Arena_CD), right-click on acd.exe (for v1.07) or a.exe (for v1.06).

Go to Properties -> Compatibility - Windows 95 -> Memory tab - all to Auto -> Program tab -> Advanced - on the top line (for Autoexec) write C:\DOS\autoexec.bat and on the bottom one (for Config) write C:\DOS\config.sys then press OK.

The pif-file should be created.

Now run arena.bat and enjoy!

More details can be found here.

Black Screen

If you happen to get black screen in game, try to change your sound options. Only use General MIDI for music. For in-game sound it is recommended to choose from Sound Blaster cards. Try also change IRQ from 7 to 5.

When opened in Notepad, arena.bat for Arena v1.06 should look like this:

@A -sa:220 -si:7 -sd:1 -ma:330 -mq:2 -md:1 -ssbpdig.adv -mgenmidi.adv

arena.bat for Arena Deluxe CD v1.07 (with NoCD) should look like this:

@ACD -Ssbpdig.adv -IOS220 -IRQS7 -DMAS1 -Mgenmidi.adv -IOM330 -IRQM2 -DMAM1

All that with your path and probably IRQ set to 5 (-si:5 or -IRQS5).