Arena:Base Armor

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In the dangerous world of Arena, armor is essential to keeping your character safe. Your character's class will determine what types of armor can be equipped. Armor can be acquired at equipment stores and may be found as treasure. Each part of your character's body is protected by a different piece of armor:


Plate Armor
Chain Armor
Leather Armor

Each piece of armor is available in three major types: leather, chain, and plate. Plate armor pieces are the only type of armor that can be made from different metals. Note that the numbers for armor rating show the amount of damage reduced, so a piece of armor with a -6 effect on armor rating provies more protection than a piece with a -3 armor rating.

Material Type Effect on Armor Rating
Leather -3
Chain -6
Plate -9

Metal Types

Only plate armor and weapons can be made up of various metals, but these in turn affect their protection ability.

Metal Type Effect on Armor Rating
Iron +1
Steel 0
Silver 0
Elven -1
Dwarven -2
Mithril -3
Adamantium -4
Ebony -5

All Armor by Type

The following sections provide an exhaustive listing of each piece of armor in the game by type, including its material, effects, cost, and location.






Left Pauldrons

Right Pauldrons

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