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The Worm Cult, also known as the Order of the Black Worm, is a brotherhood of necromancers led by the ex-Psijic Mannimarco. For historical information, see the lore article.


Named Members
Thallik Wormfather
Anchorite Garmar
Radrase Alen
Generic Members
Worm Cult Pyromancer
Worm Cult Nightblade
Worm Cult Bonelord
Worm Cult Battlemage
Worm Cult Assassin
Worm Cult Necromancer
Worm Cult Savage
Worm Cult Ravager
Worm Cult Warlock
Worm Cult Thrall
Worm Cult Incendiary
Worm Cult Dreadmage
Worm Cult Adept



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