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Imperial City
Group Dungeon:
White-Gold Tower
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Imperial City (Neutral)
Imperial CityCyrodiil
Center of the Imperial City
Instanced Dungeon Group Instance
Group Size 4
Minimum Level Normal25
Normal Bosses 4
Normal Mini-Bosses 2
Veteran Rank Veteran16
Veteran Bosses 4
Veteran Mini-Bosses 2
Veteran Speed Run Target (?)
White-Gold Tower

The White-Gold Tower is a group dungeon found in the center of the Imperial City. Traditionally the seat of the Empire, the Tower has been overrun with Daedra and is being pulled into Coldharbour by Molag Bal. Empress Regent Clivia Tharn is attempting to retake the structure. White-Gold Tower has both a Normal and a Veteran mode.

The dungeon can be entered from the Irrigation Tunnels, the Lambent Passage, and the Harena Hypogeum.

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Normal and Veteran White-Gold Tower

Unlike other dungeons, Veteran White-Gold Tower does not have different enemies and layouts compared to Normal. The only difference is enemy health and damage.

Normal Enemies

Elite Enemies



  • Exiting White-Gold Tower will return you to your alliance capital.


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