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Crown Store
Imperial City
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ON-qico-Normal.png Turn the tables on the Daedra in the Imperial Arena.
Zone: Imperial City
Objective: Arena District — Discover Molag Bal's secret plan for Imperial City.
Quest Giver: Bloody Scroll
Location(s): Arena District
Previous Quest: Scouting the Arena District
Next Quest: Scouting Quests;
The Sublime Brazier
Reward: Medium Tel Var Sack: 300 Tel Var Stones
Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High

Someone calling themselves The Rat left a note claiming that the Daedra are slaughtering people in the Imperial Arena. If I slay the Daedra, instead, The Rat promised to reward me with a secret about Molag Bal's plan for Imperial City.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Read the Bloody Scroll at the Alliance Rally Point in the Arena District.
  2. Defeat the Devourer, Uzzai, Migoruz and Dredaza the Ringmaster in the Arena.
  3. Talk to the Rat in his hideout.
  4. Report to the Drake of Blades in the Alliance Base.

Detailed Walkthrough


  • Unlike the Arena achievement, you don't have to participate in all four Arena waves in order to complete this quest. Simply killing Dredaza the Ringmaster will suffice to gain access to the Rat's hideout. However, the gate to the Arena locks when each wave begins, meaning you may end up locked out of the Ringmaster fight.

Quest Stages

The Watcher in the Walls
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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