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The Public Test Server of Elder Scrolls Online, more commonly referred to as the PTS, is a semi-persistent server that enables players to test future ESO updates. Progress in the PTS is persistent between play sessions until the server is reset.

To download the PTS from the ESO PC/Mac Launcher:

  1. Open the Launcher Settings.
  2. Check the box next to Show Public Test Environment.
  3. The Elder Scrolls Online (PTS) will appear in the launcher below your standard server entry.
    • This will have the same options to Install, Update or Play as the live servers.
    • Please note that the PTS is a separate client download, and will require an additional ~40GB of storage space.

Character Data and Templates

It is always possible to create a character from scratch on the PTS; however, unless changes have been made to the first few hours of gameplay, it is usually more efficient to make use of a template. Characters created with the templates are designed for testing a specific area of the game with all the abilities and items needed to be effective at that content. This bypasses the need to progress skills and abilities from the beginning.

An alternative to templates is sometimes available. When a new update is loaded onto the PTS, players' character data may be copied from the live servers to the test server. This enables players to test the new content with their own characters, rather than relying on a template. Only character data from one megaserver is available at a time. Progress made on the PTS with these characters is not transferred back to the live servers.

Currently Testing

Patch Characters
2.3.1 NA Server

Thieves Guild Patch Notes2.3.1 external-ltr.png


  PTS can also be an acronym for Private Test Server or Persistent Test Server, and may also be referred to as PTE, or Public Test Environment. For ESO, these terms all refer to the same testing server.
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