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Maelstrom Arena
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Discoverable Yes
Solo Instance Solo Instance
Scaled Yes
Minimum Level 10
Maelstrom Arena

Maelstrom Arena is an otherworldly solo arena accessed from Wrothgar.

Related Quests

  • Maelstrom Arena Objective: Survive the Maelstrom Arena.



Round 1: Vale of the Surreal

Vale of the Surreal

An arena themed after the Shivering Isles. The environmental hazards here are a blue orb that chases the player around doing minor magic damage within a small radius as indicated by a red circle. The player has to keep moving to avoid this. The water around the tree in the center also applies a heavy snare, so avoid it. Here you'll face various Daedric and undead enemies, such as:

The final boss of this arena is a Golden Saint named Maxus the Many.

Round 2: Seht's Balcony

Seht's Balcony

An arena themed after the Clockwork City built by Sotha Sil (also known as Seht), set under a clockwork sky. The environmental hazards here are a series of 6 spinning blades that run on 3 tracks across the arena. Getting hit by one will do moderate damage and apply a moderate bleed over time. The center pylon is electrified and standing near it will cause minor electric damage over time to a player. If you stay in the center for too long, the pylon will explode throwing the player out towards the edges of the arena, and possibly into a spinning blade. Hitting a switch located at the side of the arena will stop the blades from moving. It will also cause the pylon in the center to emit a healing aura (note that it will also heal any enemies that stand in it). The enemies here are primarily Dwemer constructs, such as

The boss of this arena is a trio of Dwarven Centurions, each named Centurion Champion.

Round 3: Drome of Toxic Shock

Drome of Toxic Shock

This arena resembles an Argonian village in Murkmire. The hazard here is the water around the three islands, which the Queen will randomly electrify throughout the fight. If the Stranglers pull you into the electrified water, you'll take heavy electric damage over time. Kill the Stranglers quickly to avoid this. Here you'll face off against Argonians, Lamia and other swamp-dwelling creatures like

The boss of this round is the leader of the lamia, aptly named the Lamia Queen.

Round 4: Seht's Flywheel

Seht's Flywheel

This round brings us back to the Clockwork City, but now in a chamber deep underground. The enemies are now a mix of Dwemer constructs and scavengers, such as

The final boss is a giant Dwarven Spider named The Control Guardian.

Round 5: Rink of Frozen Blood

Rink of Frozen Blood

This arena is themed after the Wrothgarian Mountains. The arena is filled with frozen water that will damage you if you stand in it. Stay on the three ice platforms to avoid this. The enemies here include:

The final boss is a female giant named Matriarch Runa.

Round 6: Spiral Shadows

Spiral Shadows

This arena is themed after Mephala's realm. Here, five obelisks will emit a glow that repels spider swarms, but these obelisks may be covered with webs spun by enemies. To remove them, the player has to kill a Venomous Hoarvor near them, causing them to explode with acid. Alternatively, if a hoarvor is not killed near an obelisk, it will leave behind a acid sac. That sac can be thrown (using a synergy) at webbed obelisks to free them. If all 5 obelisks are freed, they will stun all enemies (including bosses) for 10 seconds, before being covered in webs again. Freeing the obelisks is necessary during the final boss fight, as each obelisk left covered will increase her damage done. The enemies faced are various Spiderkith and insects, such as:

The final boss is a Spider Daedra named Champion of Atrocity.

Round 7: Vault of Umbrage

Vault of Umbrage

This arena is themed after an Ayleid ruin in Murkmire. The environmental hazards here are poisonous plants that will explode when you go too near, or if they are forced to explode by the Argonian Venomcallers. The only way to cleanse the poison is to stand in the green pools on either side of the arena. The enemies encountered here are

The boss of this arena is the Argonian Behemoth.

Round 8: Igneous Cistern

Igneous Cistern

This arena takes place in a volcanic cavern deep underground. The environmental hazards here are frequent lava eruptions that will land on the arena, as indicated by red circles. There are also 3 Warding Stones that have to be broken occasionally, as any enemies indicated with a blue glow will be immune to damage until all stones are broken. The enemies faced here are:

The final boss is a Dremora named Valkyn Tephra.

Round 9: Theater of Despair

Theater of Despair

The Theater of Despair is the final round of the arena, and is supposedly based on Mehrunes Dagon's Deadlands. The hazards here are blue wraiths that float across the arena. Touching one will cause cold damage and slow, while touching a golden one provides a boost to your defenses. Touching 3 golden wraiths will allow you to cast the "Spectral Explosion" synergy, that removes all wraiths and stuns all enemies for 10 seconds (including bosses). The enemies are:

The final boss of the arena is a Dremora named Voriak Solkyn.

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