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Harena Hypogeum
Imperial City (Disputed)
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Imperial CityCyrodiil
Northeastern Imperial Sewers
Harena Hypogeum

Harena Hypogeum is the section of the Imperial Sewers closest to Ebonheart Pact territory. It contains the Ebonheart Pact Base and allows access to the Memorial District and Arena District. It connects to the Antediluvian Vaults in the southwest corner, and also contains an entrance to the White-Gold Tower group dungeon and the Ancient Underground.

Restricted Ebonheart Pact Base

Access Points

  • ON-mapicon-Sewer.png Ebonheart Pact Base — Located at the northeastern end of the sewer.
  • ON-mapicon-Sewer.png Ladder to Arena District — Located in the northern part of the Buried Artifact area.
  • ON-mapicon-Sewer.png Ladder to Memorial District — Located in the southeastern part of the Buried Artifact area.

Buried Artifact

Xivkyn lord Wadracki searches for a long forgotten power.

Other Places

Related Quests


  • A Bounty Mission Board can be found in the base, allowing those PvP quests to be accepted and turned in without leaving the City.
  • Harena hypogeum could be translated to mean "arena crypt" in Latin, likely referring to the Arena District above.


A map of Harena Hypogeum
A map of Harena Hypogeum
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