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The only known map showing the location of Yokuda


Yokuda was a continent west of Tamriel which purportedly sank into the sea in ancient times.[1] It was the original home of the Redguards, as well as an apparently extinct Aldmeri race referred to as the Lefthanded Elves.[2] The meaning of the name is unknown.[3] Although Yokuda no longer exists, it is included on one map of Western Tamriel, and there is some evidence of contact between Tamrielic explorers and Yokudans.[4][5] According to residents of Anvil, ships still sail to Yokuda from Anvil,[6] and some sources refer to the continent as if it still exists in some form.[7] The largest land mass was Akos Kasaz, though the continent was also composed of over half a dozen large islands, such as Samara, Khibi, Kamlesh, Kanesh and Yath.[8] It is unknown whether the landmasses south of the Sea of Pearls, such as Ravan, are or were traditionally considered part of Yokuda.

Yokudan society was very advanced for its time. Yokudan navies were superior to those found among Tamrielic kingdoms,[9] and their astronomical knowledge, martial arts, agriculture, politics, and philosophy were all very advanced.[10][11] It's debated whether the destruction that forced the Yokudans to flee was due to natural causes, acts of the Yokudans, or both.[10] Yokuda was the scene of frequent warfare, and there are tales blaming the cataclysm on a rebel band of Ansei, magical swordsmen whose secret techniques are reputedly capable of such devastation.[10] In any event, the Redguards themselves seem to be under the impression that the destruction of Yokuda was in some way their fault.[12]

Upon the sinking of their homeland around 1E 792, which apparently was predictable to some degree, the Yokudan fleet set sail to the east, where they shored at the continent of Tamriel in the province of Hammerfell in 1E 808.[13]



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